Friday, July 8, 2016

Friday Night

The mumster had a big busy day at work today, so she was glad to come home.  A visit to the supermarket to stock up on weekend supplies, some bagels, a mango, a chicken and some potato salad so she has some tasty food for her.  Fancy feast is not on sale this week, so mum hasn't stocked up for me.  She better go on Monday and check the specials.

She is a bit annoyed as she plugged her phone in and now it is not working, which she uses as her alarm clock, so she hopes she can wake up in the morning, especially as she is working.  She is trying to see if she can get the alarm on the laptop to work, otherwise she will have to rely on her body clock.

So tonight has been a bit of a chilly one, so mum donned the fleecy pyjamas on early.  The candles have been lit and mum is catching up on her shows imbetween some loads of washing.  Uniforms and  towels are all washed and hanging on the clothes rack to dry.

Hope all of you who aren't working this weekend have some fun things planned for yourselves.  We are saving our fun for Monday when Mum gets the day off.  In fact she doesn't have to work the next four Mondays - isn't she lucky?


  1. ooooO! Mondays off...I think is the best day
    to have off...Gives you a long weekend! :).
    Though l know Mum works shifts!

    You seem to be looking upwards a bit these days
    Poppy!x Anything special..Mind you don't get a
    pain in the neck! HeHe! Bless!x

    I've plenty on this weekend....Busy! Busy! :).
    I've just had to replace a curtain 'swish', you
    know the bit across the top...I was leaning out
    of the window yesterday, trying to reach some
    over grown Virginia Creeper, could'nt reach!
    So l jumped onto the window sill with my bottom!
    Sat on the hanging curtain, and dragged it down,
    brackets and all....So, had to go buy a new one..
    Taken me an hour...HeHe! Silly fiddly thing!

  2. Poppy, dear, the lack of an alarm clock wouldn't affect my time for rising -- cats yowling for their breakfast would serve as well! Here's your opportunity to help Mum get off to work on time.

  3. Poppy, if your mum needs an alarm clock, she's welcome to borrow Nicki, as he goes into the biped's bedroom around 4 AM every day, and serenades her with his "dulcet" tones. It's not humanly possible to sleep through that!

  4. I hope your mum wakes up in time. She should have an alarm clock, just in case. I had a mechanical one but when it went off it scared the crap out of the cats, so now I have a radio/alarm clock. It can barely get a station, but I use it just to provide noise that is enough to wake me without giving the beasts heart attacks.

  5. Your human is lucky! We don't know when our next day off is here!

  6. Every angle is adorable. xo

  7. Tell yer Mom that a digital kitchen timer makes a great alarm clock. TBT depends on one, since he never has ta be up at a consistent time but just wants 8 hours in bed. His beeps once 10 minutes before, twice 5 minutes before, and for a whole minnit at the set hours. And they are cheap!