Sunday, July 3, 2016

Slow Sunday

That is Mums Sunday night dinner, it was nice and tasty and even though it doesn't look to appealing she enjoyed it.  She has been reading this week that 40% of all food produced is thrown out in the rubbish, not even eaten.  She tries to be thrifty with her food buying and use most of it up, which can be hard living by herself.   Food planning and cooking for one can often be difficult she finds.  Winter is a bit easier.  Tonight she cooked up 2x carrots/1 parsnip/1 turnip and mashed with some butter, a head of broccoli and a 6x sausages.  This will be enough for 3 nights dinner Sun/Mon/Tues.  Wednesday night mum will do soup and toast, and Thursday night is her night at the hairdresser so she will just grab something on the way home.

Mum tries to make her lunch most days, some fruit and a yoghurt or a sandwich although last week she bought a few lunches at work as she was so tired after her shifts.  This week she will try and do better.

Our day was nice, a little lie in which mum enjoyed as there was a bit of a loud shouting out on the street last night.  Luckily some neighbors called the police and the noise quietened down about 2am. Mum then got up showered and dressed, made herself a bagel and got some washing on.  She then headed out into town and popped into the library and supermarket and had a wander round and enjoyed the fresh air.

So home by 4pm in time to get the washing in before the frosty evening air ruined the days drying, and fed me my feast.  A little nap, cooking her dinner, friends on the phone and the evening is then over.

Hope you had a nice old Sunday too.


  1. That looks nice Poppy!x At least Mum has something to
    read while eating it...! HeHe! I love sausages! :).
    I'm fortunate, there is'nt anything l 'don't' eat!
    I always say..."If it stands still long enough, l'll
    eat it". Bit of a change to~day...I'm having chicken,
    they were half price this morning in the supermarket,
    so l got one...usually on a Sunday, it's rabbit, pheasant,
    or anything else that runs about in a field!

    There's a lot of food waste over here to, supermarkets used
    to throw food out into bins, at the back, then people would
    go round at nights and help there selves, when the supermarkets
    found out, they put locks on the bins, and enclosed them in
    locked sheds! What a waste, when they could be given to the
    needy...Nearly every town has a 'food bank' to help out the
    needy...It's a terrible thing to happen, in this day and age!

  2. Your mum's supper looks lovely; sausages are a favorite here especially in the winter.

    Have a great week!
    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  3. Your mum cooks like my mum, you do enuf and have leftovers!

  4. We agree that there is far too much waste of good food. I try to do smaller grocery shops more frequently so as not to have food spooling. But saddly I overbought some local strawberries and some went mouldy before I could eat them all. did younhelpnyour mum eat the sausages, Poppy?

  5. I think dinner looks yummy. Cooking for one is hard. Maybe freeze food in single portions and then when you are too tried to cook or take Lunch take one out and viola. A home Mede frozen dinner

  6. That looks like a good dinner to me, I'll tell you. Simple is my favourite. I often cook a lot (in a slow-cooker) - such as soup and pork roast - and then portion it out and freeze it all. I don't think I've wasted anything in years. Like your mum, I can't afford to - and I buy what I know I will like.

  7. We think Mum's dinner looks tasty, Miss Poppy!

    And your Sunday sounds like it was pretty nice, too. :)