Monday, July 4, 2016

Working Week

Mums working week has begun, and she likes to think of me chillaxing at home like in this photo from a year or so ago.  Just relaxing and rolling round on the couch while she brings home the bacon.  Her day began in one area, and then she had to work in another one, keeping her on her toes.  But before she knew it her day was over, and she could head home to me, so that she could plant her butt on the couch and eat her leftover dinner, which she quite enjoyed.

Mum is on a 7 day working stretch and is just looking forward to next Monday which will be a day off for her.  She knows to pace herself, get some good food in and try to get enough sleep, always difficult when she works different shifts each week.

So tonight we are sharing the couch, the tv is on and mum has lit some candles.  Not for romantic atmosphere, but more because she thought she went to work today with a slight wiff of parsnip about her (last night she cooked a carrot/parsnip/turnip mash).


  1. You don't eat you Poppy!x
    I bet you enjoy rolling around on the couch...! :).
    HeHe! Flattening out all the lumps for Mum!

    Mum's mash tastes good, l make that myself...Also
    include potato, lovely with lots of gravy...!

  2. Whiff of parsnip, ha! :-D

    Poppy, you look all flirty and coy in that photo, you're making Nicki and Derry swoon! :-)

    Purrs and peace.

  3. Poppy, dear, we're having a cool rainy weekend (no fireworks on the 4th) and your mum's "root mash" sounds really appealing! Perhaps if it's topped with brown sugar and chopped nuts, guests won't notice it's good for them.

  4. It's good when the work-day goes by swiftly, especially when there are so many to look forward to. I'm hoping for Friday, though, not another Monday, like your mum.

  5. LOL, the smell of parsnips! Eau de Parsnips, the newest purrfume.

  6. That is long week Poppy, for your mum bean at work and you at home. We hope the time passes quickly so you and mom can have time together.

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku