Thursday, July 14, 2016


Tonight is payday night in the house of Q.  Mum spends 5 minutes staring at her bank account before she pays the bills and the money pops off into other accounts.  She is a bit old fashioned and will go to the money machine tomorrow and take some cash out to put into her wallet.  All the young ones pay by their cards, but mum finds it a bit easier to budget if she knows how much spending money she has.  What do your mums and dads do - cash or cards?  (Me I pay in purrs).


  1. Well...My Mum Dad and died years ago Poppy! :).
    HeHe! But, l use both cards and cash...Card for
    anything over £ for anything under.....
    I don't carry a lot of cash, so it would'nt be
    worth mugging me...if a burglar broke into my home
    one night, and asked for money, l'd have to get out
    of bed, and help him look for it...! :).

    1. Oh! Forgot to say....Love the photo of
      you on the bed Poppy!x
      Very de'light'ful...! :).

      I was also wondering where do you carry
      your a..wait for it...Purrse! :)))).
      Oh! Dear! Time for another lemon tea! Bless!x

  2. Poppy, dear, we use cards for the big stuff (to get the protection included in the buy/sell contract) and cash for the little stuff. And yes, all the indoor cats pay their bills in purrs, whilst the visiting barn cats settle their daily breakfast buffet tab in mice and chipmunks.

  3. You look quite cosy on your bed, Poppy! No room for your mum. :-)

    Our biped usually pays by debit card, sometimes cash. It IS easier to stick to a budget when you pay with cash, though, so good for your mum!

  4. What ever Mum has budgeted for the week she takes in cash. Each time she looks in her purse she sees what has to last the week. Many items have been returned to racks and shelves that way.

  5. I'm even older-fashioned than your mum, Poppy. I go to the bank to get my money; I've never used a cash machine, and I don't have a debit card. I do pay some bills electronically, but I have cash to pay bills. That way I can see the discouraging diminution of my funds, and it keeps me from spending too much.

  6. I love to budget. We use YNAB. Cash is king for us here too.

  7. My human does both! She doesn't carry around much cash, just a little, in case she wants to buy lunch somewhere - when she takes cash out of the bank, she considers it money already spent, like fun money! Whenever she uses the card, she knows she has to pay it back and that's not as much fun.

  8. poppy Q....round trout towne; itz charge oh card & online; ya hafta bee care full round sum partz bout carryin cash monee.... N due knot leeve change in yur car wear it can bee seen...ore yur carz mezzed up ...itz crazed !!! ☺☺☺♥♥♥ hope mum budgeted for lotz oh feast !! ♥♥♥

  9. Arghhh!!! I nearly finished my comment and then POOF! it just disappeared.
    My mum uses both, cash for every day things and card for the bigger things.

  10. Mum is good with the monies. Pays cash at places she prefers to not give credit cards, like food places(they seem to get hacked). Regular bills get paid by check, the rest by credit card. Oh, plus mum's card gives her double points on gas and groceries, so the card gets used there.