Sunday, July 31, 2016

Winter Cushioning

 Winter is almost over and mum has finally put away the summer bright cushions and put the winter grey ones on the couch.  She has had them for weeks, but not felt like shuffling everything round.
I wonder how long these will last on the couch?  Maybe they are all seasons?

Done any redecorating lately?  Any changes at your place?


  1. ooooO! What a lovely inviting couch Poppy!x
    But l bet you still have your favourite little
    spot! :). And, the summer cushions look very
    nice to!

    No! No redecorating here at my home, not done
    any in a while...My bedroom is still pink! My
    bathroom is still pink, and my famous downstairs still pink! Pink ALL round, so l'm happy! :).

  2. It's nice to change things up a bit, Poppy. Though with your winter almost over, your mum might be putting the spring/summer ones back on in short order! :-)

  3. We cleaned out some of a room that we had been using for storage so we have room enough to put our toddler granddaughter (she's a toddler at 2 1/2 years old already!!!) bed in the room so she can visit for a few days at our house.... MUCH sorting and many bags to Goodwill... it's a process!

  4. Very nice, Poppy and Mum. The couch and cushions sure look nice. Of course, your summer will be here before you know it, and then you can switch things up again. :)