Thursday, July 21, 2016

Try Something New Thursday - The Facial

So everything has been a bit same same for me and mum lately, so she decided it is time to try to do something new.  So today (well yesterday actually), she had some time to spare, so she decided to book herself a facial and some tweezering of brows and an eyelash tint.  It was a nice day and so she got to have a wander round town before booking arriving early for her appointment.

As soon as she arrived it seemed she could do nothing right.  Arriving early, mum felt they were a little annoyed as the technician must have been at lunch.  Mum was more than happy to stare at a magazine while she waited - she would much rather be early then late.  Mum thought she had good skin, but apparently the cleanser and moisturizer she uses was wrong, and skin that mum thought was good was dry and over sensitized. The waxing was fine, the tinting of lashes was a bit odd.  Mum says it was surprisingly hard to stay with your eyes closed for ten minutes (I can keep my eyes closed for ages - easy).

Then she had a face mask put on that had oatmeal in it which smelled like stale porridge and made mum want to hurl a little bit.  Her skin did feel better when she left and with promises to keep up the new skin regime she even rebooked for another appointment in a months time to see if the new skin care works.

So mum was glad to have tried something new with her week.  How about you - do you want to try anything new?


  1. Well, we'll keep our faces just the way they are, thanks. :-)

    If your mum has dry skin, an occasional mix of olive oil and sugar will help exfoliate and moisturize. If she has oily skin (as our biped does), a paste of baking soda and water can help. (Our biped uses baking soda to cleanse every other day, saw that tip on a daytime lifestyle talk show a couple of years ago).

    As for us trying something new...well, our human wishes we'd be willing to try more new foods, does that count? :-D

  2. Poppy, as we human beans get older our fur changes color and sometimes we even shed our eyebrows and they don't grow back. Ew. So, I book a yearly appointment with a licensed aesthetician to update my skin care and make-up kit. (It's important to discard the old stuff!) So far, the recurring theme is Use. Moisturizer. with Sunblock. Every. Day. or else!

  3. HaHa! This made me chuckle Poppy!x
    I was a single parent for 14yrs. I raised my
    daughter on my own, until she went off to Uni
    at 18. Fortunately, my Mum raised and taught
    me lots of girlie things, as Sicilain boys
    are raised much the same as girls! When my
    daughter was in her early teens, she started
    looking into make~up etc...Who do you think
    she tried all these things on...Yep! Good
    old Dad! :). Oh! Yes! Even the face masks!
    But, me growing up, l used a lot of olive oil..
    I was a bit of a runner, growing up, and used
    to rub it into my legs, it certainly helped a lot.
    Now l just put it on my salad..!!! :).

  4. I'm glad your mum felt better after the appointment, especially as things didn't go as well as she hoped at first. I resent people who depend on my income being annoyed when I do something that is for my convenience. Too many people in the service industry seem to think that the customer should work for them. But it turned out to be a good day for your mum anyway, so that was a nice conclusion.

  5. Tell your human not to be too concerned with all the criticism - those facial humans always find things people can do better regarding their skin!

  6. poppy Q....we tried sum new cat food...does thiz count ☺☺☺

    ..... glad mum hada a fair lee nice spa day......we due knot think we wooda like smellin oatz either ???

    we bee off line fora few sew heerz two a crocodile icefish kinda week oh end ♥♥♥

  7. I am glad your mum enjoyed her facial after a shaky start. My mum says it is nice to be pampered sometimes.

  8. Glad your mum enjoyed a bit of pampering. Mum things they tell you you are using all of the wrong stuff, just so they can sell you their stuff.

    Mum did it to the dermatologist, she was really pushing a couple of brands. Mum asked about the stuff she currently uses, along with a couple of others things, just to throw the doc off. Doc said they were fine too. Mum didn't change and considering she looks younger than she is, isn't going to change.

  9. New yeah, but TBT is not too sure about tinting his eybrows. What iffen they turn out green? He might allow toenail paint (cuz no one would ever see it). Im still thinking about spreading Nair on his neck. Would that count as a "facial"? ~ IZA

  10. Hmmm....we wonder if those skin beans say things like that to sell more product? Anyway, it is good your mum bean had a bit of pampering.

    It's been awhile since our mom bean did anything new. As for us kitties, we like our routines.

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku