Friday, July 29, 2016

Friday Chillaxing

Well Friday night has rolled around here in the house of Q.  Mum finished work late and dashed between the rain showers to pop to the supermarket and stock up on essentials like a new broom, some air freshner, washing powder and apples.  How extravagant!!

I greet her at the door as soon as she walks in and demand my feast be dished up straight away.  How lucky am I?  Such service from my mumster.  Then the war of the couch begins.  I have to sit on the arm of the couch til she decides to move and do some chores, leaving me to sleep in my spot.

So now us girls are chilling.  Mum is doing some washing and pottering round.

Hope you guys are having a good end to your week, ready for the weekend to begin.


  1. HeHe! A new 'broom' Poppy!x Mum's not still
    flying about on one them!!! ssssh! Don't tell
    her....! :).

    And, l see, your still winning the couch wars..!
    Humans, can't sit as long as pussy~cats, all you
    have to do is..wait!

    Have a chilling weekend..both of you!

  2. Poppy, dear, while you have that large paw out on the couch -- you should count your blessings.

  3. I hope you and your mum have a good weekend, Poppy.

  4. poppy Q....we see de stitchin on de sofa cushion that sayz....bee longs ta poppy....purrhapz mum iz two werk tired ta noe tizz thiz ~~ ???☺☺☺ heerz two a righteye flounder kinda week oh end ! ♥♥♥

  5. A new broom! Aren't we posh! We have to laugh because it sounds so much like one of our mum's big "extravagances". Cuddle up and enjoy your weekend. Love from us.