Saturday, December 22, 2018

3 Sleeps Til Santa Caturday

Mum had a whole 2 hours sleep this morning - woop woop.  She coped with dropping books at the library, visiting a couple of shops and then fish tacos for lunch.  And then at 2pm she faded And had to head for home and a nap.

Tonight she is thinking that she is pretty tired, so sleep will come.  Alas she has noisy neighbours having a party, but it is to be expected as it is the party season.  As long as they pack up by 1am.  So mum is blinked in the couch watching Breathe and eating a bowl of summer raspberries.

Me well I was glad to have a nap with her tiredness and will be glad to be back into a routine again.

We hope you are all enjoying your Caturday and not in too much of a festive frenzy. 


  1. I've just got back from town Poppy!x
    Fudge has had his saucer if he's running
    around, making a nuisance of himself..nothing new
    there then..he's a rascal..! I've a few pheasants
    to see to..that's what he's waiting for, l fry a
    few bits and pieces for him..he loves it..! :).

  2. Wow, Poppy. We feel so bad for Mum. Two hours of sleep? We don't think we would still be standing. We are glad the two of you got to have a nap, and that things will get back into a routine.