Friday, December 21, 2018


Mum is glad that her night shifts are over, although her last night was the easiest.  Someone actually apologised for it being so quiet, but mum doesn't mind being bored.  She read a chapter of her book and watched 2 episodes of The Handmaids Tale.  A luxury that seldom happens at work.

Today she thought she would get some things done but she needed a nap.  She did get some washing out on the line before the rain arrived.  Dishes were done and food cooked and our flowers are soaking up some summer rain.

Mum lit candles and turned the Christmas lights on.  A face mask for her and a massage and a brush for me.  I'm happy, I get my bed buddy back tonight.


  1. I've been a bit lazy to~day, Poppy!x Though l did
    jump in the car this morning and popped up to the
    BIG charity shop at the top of town..picked up a
    brand new pink Cotton Traders polo shirt for £5...
    ($9.40) in your money..! Well pleased!

    Nearly twelve over here, l can hear the wheelie bin
    lorry down the road..recycling bin to~day..though
    l don't have that much..get it out the way..! :).

  2. Hey, Happy Solstice to you! Well, we guess that was "yesterday" now, by your reckoning. So you're in full on summer and we're in winter...but that means that starting tomorrow we'll get more daylight again. Incremental, but we're moving back toward the sun and that makes us all very happy, especially our human. :-)

    You guys take care, have an awesome weekend, and a very happy Christmas!

  3. I like your simple Christ-mouse display.

  4. I hope you and your mum have a lovely Christmas, Poppy.