Sunday, December 2, 2018


Today was so muggy and hot, mum sweated out a swimming pool today.  She got up early go meet friends to go to a local fair.  They try go go early before the pram/dog to people ratio gets to high.

Stormy weather was due, so mum did a couple of quick chores and got home just as thunder and rain started.  The good thing was that the storm moved away from the city so we were okay. 

I gobbled down my dinner tonight.  So it came up again quickly, and I managed to soak through all 3 of the quilts on the bed.  This us one if the reasons that we need dark bedding on the bed.  So mum spent the rest of Sunday night cleaning, soaking and scrubbing the bedding.

We hope your Sunday night is better than ours.


  1. Oh! Poor Mum..washing and scrubbing after you Poppy!x
    You pussy~cats will never learn, gobbling your food
    down, as if there's no tomorrow! Bless!x

    Mild and wet for the rest of the week over here, quite
    warm to~day with the sun out..just got back from the
    supermarket, must get on and put things away..three
    games of footy on to~day, from 12~6..l shall only be
    getting off the sofa to acquire..'food and drink'...! :).

  2. Poor Poppy I do hope you are feeling better.
    Poor mum. Our vet said little and often after she was so ill and we are sticking to that.
    She is so sweet and full of fun. Her dad puts her to bed at 11pm . I always say can I have a kiss goodnight. She then runs to him , circles him twice and stands in a way it is easy for him to pick her up. He holds her close to my cheek and I get sme gorgeous licks before he carries her out.
    She goes for her first bath and grooming tomorrow. I do hope she likes it. 😢

    1. I think Rosie should start a Blog of her very own....
      We'd all love to read of here daily adventures...!
      And..a few pics perhaps...! :).

    2. Dear Willie I would love to do that but sadly I don’t know how to do photos or do blogs.
      Recently my iPad crashed and I rang the co. I bought it from. I live in the country ,not young or well and he said to me they can’t be all cavemen up there. That really hurt but I did manage to get it going. I wish you too had a blog. I looked up the town close to where you live and it looked so beautiful. I look forward to your comments. Do keep them up. 😍

  3. We are sorry to hear you got sick, Poppy. Poor you, and poor Mum! We hope your Monday is better than your Sunday has been.

  4. Eat slowly and savor your food. You don't want to yak it back up.

  5. They have bowls designed to slow down eating. I don't know if I've ever seen one for a cat, though. Jenna periodically gulps down her food then brings it back up, too. I sympathize with your mum :-(

  6. I had two cats throw up, both on my bedsheets, just before I left for work today, Poppy. So no, my day didn't start better than your mum's...