Sunday, December 9, 2018


Mum went out this afternoon for a couple of hours.  As she left I was napping like this and I was like this when she got home.  Mum wanted to get outside for some fresh air and enjoy the sunshine, as we have more rain forecast for the week ahead.

Mum came home and napped next to me.  She pretended to read her book, but lately that seems to send her off to sleep.

By the way mums love for me far outweighs the hatred she has for my plastic bag that she has put up with for two months of being on her bed.


  1. Your in the bestest place there Poppy!x
    The suns out in all it's glory over here
    this morning..though a bit chilly!
    I'm off to the supermarket shortly..few
    bits and pieces needed, duck for lunch
    to~day, well, teal actually, much smaller
    than your average that won't last
    to long..! :).

  2. What our mums won't do for us, right Poppy?

  3. So sweet. It's true, Poppy. Mum loves you more than anything in the world.

  4. Mum was reading yesterday and today and kept nodding off. Guess the book wasn't that interesting!