Sunday, December 30, 2018


Mum put some fresh linen on the bed to have a fresh change as the New Year approaches.  I have it my approval by falling fast asleep as soon as the bed was made.

p.s mum put my bag back on the bed after she took these pictures.


  1. Wish l was doing what your doing Poppy!x
    But..l'm in the middle of doing Christmas
    dinner..just put the goose in the oven,
    the wild boar is already cooked, and will
    just warming through, and l've just finished
    the veg...So, couple of hours we'll be sat down
    making 'pigs' of ourselves..HeHe!
    I'll lift a glass for you and Mum..Cheers for
    the New Year! :).

  2. Poppy, we can see you approve! In fact, we don't think you could possibly be any more comfortable and cosy as you are there. :-)

  3. Mum washed the sheets today, but they are the same sheets. Just the weekly wash. Nap well.

  4. Ah, nothing better than fresh linens, eh Poppy?