Saturday, December 8, 2018


Mum has figured out that she has no reason to set an alarm clock between now and the 23rd of December, as she is on shift work between now and then.  So she had been enjoying sleeping in.  She is also taking a news break until the New Year.  No watching the evening news on the television and only checking her phone a couple of times a year.  She already feels a bit more relaxed after two days.  A good way to move into holiday mode.

She put batteries into lights and unwrapped some Christmas decorations today.  She has not gone overboard, just some glowing lights and Santas.

I helped her do chores today, although I hid from the vacuum cleaner.  then I napped while mum walked to the library and got some spicy noodles for her dinner.  She was happy- raspberries are back for sale.  Tonight a movie on the couch for her and snuggles for me.

We hope you have a nice Caturday and do something fun.


  1. Sounds like a good plan to get in the Christmas mood!

  2. Just got back from town Poppy!x
    I was given a prezzie from one of the ladies in a charity
    shop l go to..wait for it..A Pink Christmas tree..HeHe!
    She saw it and kept it for's just 18inches tall,
    with silver baubles and silver's lovely, though,
    heavens knows where l'm gonna put it..! :).
    And..walking back home through town was quite an experience!
    Both funny and rude remarks..all in good fun though! :). get on..Fudge is running around the garden, with a
    black pussy~cat, don't know who he is, never seen it before!
    Fudge seems to know him...the more the merrier! :).

  3. That looks so nice and Chistmasy. Sounds like fun in the Q house.
    I adore raspberries and they are cheap at Countdown tomorrow. Only 2 dollars a pun net.
    Really dislike strawberries though..
    I watched 2 hours of call the midwife tonight. Really enjoyed it. Have a good Sunday you two.

  4. Taking a news break for most of the year is better for one's mental health, we think! Our biped watches the sappy Hallmark Christmas movies on TV that run on a particular channel from November 1st. She likes the "feel good" stuff, and it's a balance for all the cr*p that happens world-wide and locally every day.

    The star is so pretty! We have warm white light strings in our living area, more "winter" decorations for us than Christmas per se, along with artificial floral arrangements (she usually buys one every year, at a deep discount from Michael's Crafts, when they put them on sale). These things will stay until we have enough daylight in the evenings again that things aren't so dreary and depressing and dark. The actual "Christmas" stuff, of which there is very little, will get packed away by December 31st. Oh, we recommend NICE (real wax-coated) LED candles too! No fear of fire, and very cosy!

  5. I like the decorations - simple and pretty!

  6. Very pretty decorations! Especially the star.

  7. I listen to the radio for classical music, and turn it off for the news. It's all bad, anyway. If I were a news-reader, I'd be depressed most of the time. No news for Christmas is good news.

  8. Mum agrees on leaving the news alone. She doesn't have the moving picture box on except in the evening. She did do an exception to watch the presidential funeral, but that is the first time in ages the box was on during the day.

  9. So glad your mum is getting some time to slow down for awhile, Poppy. We like your decorations!