Thursday, December 27, 2018


Mum gave herself a you've worked too hard this month Christmas present.  She liked the look of this pink gin.  She couldn't have any tonight as she is on Call, but she will be ready tomorrow evening.

She finished work early and braved the crowds in town to look at a shops but the things she looked at weren't right.  So she took a walk, and got some noodles for dinner popped into the bottle store and then came home to be with me.


  1. ooooO! Pink Gin...Very nice to Poppy!x
    And Gordon's..just about the best..! :).

    I've just got from Lidl's, family down
    tomorrow, so had to stock up with cheeses,
    and savory things..I even got a Christmas
    pudding..half price, and double cream....
    So we'll be making pigs of ourselves on
    Sunday...! Hic! :).

  2. Ah, that's a great present your mum is giving to herself! Our biped hasn't tried pink gin; her preferred alcoholic beverage is a very good, well-aged rye. :-)

  3. My human gives this self-gift of your human's her paw, I mean stamp, of approval.

  4. Good for mum. She looks like she is off to a good start with her break . Our fridge is packed with raspberrys, blue berries and strawberries. I can’t stand strawberries but my husband loves them.
    Rosie was proudly carrying around an old carrot from the rubbish. Each to his own. 🙄
    Have a wonderful time you two.
    Did you watchCall the Midwife tonight’? A nice Christmas story.