Monday, December 10, 2018


Mum is back onto the shift work, so I have the evening to myself.


  1. Ah! Bless! And! You've still got your lovely
    bag Poppy!x

    I'm off back to's still, where's
    that tea of mine! :).

  2. You look like you're having a great evening, Poppy. Nice to have the bed all to yourself!

  3. poppy

    stopping bye with a hi de hoe
    copy N paste said letz give it a go
    wanna say HI & leeve a good werd
    de food gurlz werkz a big bass terd
    we hope this findz ewe doin swell
    santaz comin ring de Christmas bell
    sorree we haz ta uze copee N paste
    we gotta sneekz a round with out haste
    happee week if we due knot get bak
    N joy two day N eatz a snak ♥♥☺☺☺

  4. I see you have made good use of the evening, Poppy.