Monday, December 3, 2018


All the sheets and covers got cleaned atlast today and the bed is now freshly made.  No vomiting today so mum gave me lots of pats and a feast  for dinner.  She is going to pull out the nutribullet and blitz up some fruit for her dessert.   


  1. oooO! A nice fresh bed Poppy!x
    And..lots of pats! Bless!x

  2. Clever girl Poppy. Mum certainly has her work cut out what with working so hard and all that washing. Especially on her lovely new cover. A fruit drink will ge her los of vitamins.
    Rosie came back only half her size. She could fit in my bag. Her coat is like velvet and her wee face so adorable. She growled at first but when she was ignored she was as good as gold.
    Hope my blogger friends up Hamilton way were ok with that terrible lightening. We got a bit of thunder here.

  3. Clean is good, Poppy.

    Kim here: J, can you get slippery elm powder? Not the kind sold in a capsule, but the actual powder? We have a natural health food store downtown that sells it, and while it's very, very expensive per kg or lb, you only need a tiny bit. I paid $1 and got enough for weeks/months. It's well known to soothe digestive upsets, both vomiting and diarrhea, and I give a tiny sprinkle to Nicki when he needs it. It absorbs MANY times its own weight, so you just need a pinch. Even more effective is to make up a syrup and give it before eating, but I find it easier to just add it to the food. Nicki seems to be having more frequent bouts of diarrhea, so this is a godsend. If you can find it in your area, I do highly recommend it.

  4. It absorbs many times its own weight in WATER, I meant to type. So I add a tiny bit of water to his canned when I give it to him.

    The syrup is made by using 1 tsp of slippery elm in 1 cup (or a bit more) of water, bringing to a gentle boil and "cooking" till thickened. So you can see that it does absorb a crazy amount of liquid, hence the need to use just a tiny bit of it at once if sprinkling into canned food.

  5. I'm glad your dinner is staying down, Poppy. Let's hope my lot aren't throwing theirs up again...

  6. Glad your tummeh has settled down.