Sunday, December 16, 2018


We had a scorcher of a day today which felt like summer.  I was outside again when mum went to work.  She hopes it cools down a bit as she has 4 days of night shift and it is hard for her to sleep in the day time.


  1. Raining for a couple days over here, not to
    good up North...Snow, rain, sleight etc.....
    I've just had breakfast, getting brighter,
    and the sun is peeping through, but still to the supermarket, for my usual
    Sunday visit..back home and few pheasants to
    see to...then feet up for the footy! That'll
    be Sunday seen to..! :). ❄️ 🎁💐

  2. Sounds like you guys got too much summer weather!

  3. I hope it cools down for your mum poppy
    It’s been very wet and muggy here due to cyclone Owen. Hopefully summer comes to us soon

  4. That’s a cute little pink tongue Poppy. Rosie doesn’t like the heat either and neither do I!
    Rosie had her first bath at the groomers and a lovely haircut so she is full of energy and looks adorable. She understands so many words and short sentences now. ‘Hungry girl?” And she is off like a shot to the kitchen. ‘ Where’s piggy ? ‘ and she searches till she finds him. Sheis5 months now. We got her at 9 weeks. How time flies.

  5. It sounds like good summer weather, Poppy! Though extremes in temps are hard to handle.

    Have a good week!

  6. It looks like you are telling your mum to go away with the camera!

  7. I'd be complaining about the heat, too, Poppy - but didn't you just have a few chilly days?