Thursday, December 13, 2018


Mum has two days off and luckily they have been sunny and warm and we have welcomed having the windows opened all day.  The return of bugs and flies us not so great, but we are trying to enjoy summer before it flies past us. 

Mum has been trying to relax and read rather than watch too many shows.  She has enjoyed a few walks and tries to avoid town, as it fills with Christmas shoppers.  Best to avoid the malls at this time of year - those crowds are intense. 

So the Christmas twinkling lights are on - mum has another couple of evening shifts coming up and then the week if night shift leading up to the holidays.  She hopes that she doesn't get sick like last year!!


  1. I live in a small town..even that gets very
    busy, this time of year, so l'm in and out
    by nine..couple of big towns nearby, l stay
    away from those, though my daughter etc will
    be down on the 29th for a few days, so that's
    when l'll celebrate Christmas..I've been invited
    to three places already but declined..perhaps if
    l arrange it right..l could have a Christmas dinner
    in each place..much like The Vicar of Dibley..if
    you've ever watched it...! :). The Christmas episode
    was great! Very funny! :o).

  2. Yes, get out and enjoy the beauty-full days you are having.

  3. poppy

    we willz bee offline fora while sew we wood like ta wish ewe N mum a most merree Christmas anda happee healthee total lee awesum 2019 ♥♥♥

  4. My human only goes to stores in December when they are a half hour away from closing! They are too crowded otherwise.

  5. I like to get to the shops nice and early. Straight after swimming when they first open. I’m in and out before the crowds even appear
    Oh my but it does get busy this time of year

  6. It's a strange juxtaposition for us in Canada to read about summer and Christmas together...