Friday, December 20, 2019


Mum it's raining again!!!   We were awake most of last night with the heavy winds and the rubbish rolling around in the back yard , and today it has been cold and  rained all day.  Mum and her friends from work had drinks after work at a garden bar, which was rather cool.  They were under shelter and didn't get too wet, but mum was glad to get home and put the heaters on.  It is our summer and we are having a double heater night.


  1. Funny old weather over here to Poppy!x
    Just got back from town..and suns out
    in all it's glory..very bright, but
    still cold..rain later..why do the
    weather people always say.."Rain later".?
    And our forecast is rain over Christmas!
    Oh! Well..Father Christmas will just have
    to wear a raincoat..! :o). 🎅 🎄 🎅 🎄 🎅

  2. The weather here is awful too with lots of flooding after days of torrential rain. It is supposed to improve after midday on Sunday.

  3. Maybe our Canadian cold front is blowing all the way to you, Poppy.
    Sorry to hear of yucky non-kitty friendly weather. Tuck up with
    the heater.

  4. A cool summer is a bummer. Hope you get something warmer and nicer soon.

  5. It doesn't sound like summer, does it? May it improve 'ere long.