Monday, December 16, 2019


I was a good girl helping mum in the garden this afternoon.  She pulled a few weeds but the clouds were gathering so she soon retreated inside.  Groceries were bought and were put away.  Mum had already eaten her dinner at 4.45pm so she had time to get some chores done.  Tuesdays lunch was made - ham/tomato/salad rolls and some strawberries.  Tuesdays dinner of chicken tacos was organized - mum likes to put spices on the chicken overnight so it is tasty when cooked tomorrow.

We are enjoying having green grass at the moment, and the rain will be good for the garden especially the Passionfruit we are trying to grow.  Our flowers are a bit sad the aphids have attacked them and we are not sure that they will survive. 


  1. I like to prepare my food the day before to,
    l had partridge yesterday, but prepared it on
    Saturday, put some herbs, onion, garlic up it's
    bottom..a little olive oil, sprinkled with dried
    herbs over it's breast..24hrs later..l roasted it
    with sweet potatoes, parsnips, and onion..
    A nice glass of red table wine..(two actually)..! :).

    Tell Mum, she must be able to get some Aphid spray,
    to kill them off, otherwise they will destroy the a shame..! :(.

  2. Cleanish soapy dishwater that is not greasy is good for aphids and not full of chemicals that can harm bees and butterflies. I think it should be sprayed on but I just use a watering can and it gets rid of most of those little green nasties.

  3. Your mum is very organized, Poppy!

    Too bad about your flowers, but at least you have green grass and *warmth* now! :-)

    Purrs from Derry for a good week.

  4. I guess, Poppy, getting rid of the aphids is not really a job for yourself to do.
    It is hard to use a chemical on the buggers when you want to eat the fruit later.
    Hope you have lots of green grass to enjoy and not too many days of rain.

  5. Such a good helper in the garden.

  6. We're sad to hear you have an aphid infestation :-(

    True story on aphids: At my previous home, I had a Rose of Sharon bush that would get aphids every single spring. Shortly thereafter, I'd see it covered with baby lady bugs. I'm guessing the momma lady bugs laid their eggs on the bush because of the aphids. The baby lady bugs gobbled up the aphids and the bush looked no worse for wear.