Tuesday, December 3, 2019

New Foods

Mum just rolled over last night and closed her eyes to go to sleep and she got called into work.  She got home at 4am and got some sleep before heading into work again this afternoon for a couple of hours.  She feels like a zombie tonight though, and hopes she can sleep tonight.

She got me these new biscuits to try.  Day two and I'm still eating them and even forgot to ask for my usual feast for dinner.  Mum is sure that the enthusiasm won't last too much longer.


  1. ooooO! Science Diet Poppy!x
    Sounds a bit special..though you don't
    want to many in one go..enjoy your usual
    feast as well..! :).

    Hope Mum gets to catch up on her sleep...
    No! Waking her up at 5.30 now! HeHe! :).

  2. I hope you continue to like it, Poppy.

    I had bought the Hill's Z/D for Nicki, had started them both on it at the end of October. I haven't wanted to change Derry's diet at this time, there's already been enough upheaval in his/our life, so I'll keep him on it for the foreseeable future. He'll eat pretty much any kibble, it's the canned that's a harder challenge.

    Anyway, I sure hope your mum's able to get a good night's sleep tonight!

  3. My human considers herself lucky that we're not quite as picky around here! Oh, we do have our opinions, but we tend to like food without it falling out of favor.

  4. poppy....we bet ewe will still like em....we said NOE WAY when we waz given hills ID digestive...that was like mor N a yeer ago....we loves it !!

    hope mum can catch a brake ☺☺♥3

  5. I never like the food changes mum tries. Although I usually get used to them.

  6. We sure hope those biscuits continue to appeal to you, Poppy!

  7. My beasts too have their ‘novelty’ phase. Let’s hope yours lasts longer than theirs, Poppy.