Monday, December 23, 2019


Mum took photos of these plants today- she loves how bright green  they are.  She went and got the final Christmas groceries today.  She has enough food to feed a small army.  So we should be good for a couple of days.

Poor Australia - the thought of those fires is pretty scary.  We feel for all of those families who have lost their homes and businesses.


  1. Love those succulent plants, l've some
    around my home, they'll grow in most
    conditions to..and come in many different

    Yes! Poor Australia..the pictures being
    shown over here are devastating..And..
    ALL those poor animals to..! :(.

  2. Aren't they a hen and chicks? That's what they're called here, hens and chicks. :-)

    In case we don't make it back till after Christmas, we wanted to wish you a wonderful holiday. All the very best to you and your mum, Poppy.

    Kim and Derry

  3. Enough goodies stored in for the Christmas holiday. That's
    the way it should be. Precious is dreaming of her dry food

  4. Thanks, Poppy. Where I live in Adelaide it has been smoky for days. Friends in the Adelaide Hills lost their house, studio and all possessions except a very little they were able to take when they escaped.

  5. Mum came home with lots of foods too. But they will last us at least two weeks.