Friday, December 6, 2019

Sun Bather

Mum was on her way to work and came looking for me outside to say goodbye.  I wasn't in my usual garden hangout but she found me pretty quickly.  I was lying in the sun working on my tan.


  1. Ah! Bless!x No sun over here Poppy!x
    Horrid and murky to~day, l have'nt even
    bothered to go to town, lots to do around
    here, keep me busy..!

    You be careful of all that sun, hope you've
    rubbed some sun tan lotion in..HeHe! :o).

  2. We have the same weather as Willie, grey and murky. Enjoy that sun, Poppy.

  3. Enjoy that suntan Poppy. Precious is under the bed because again
    there is no sunshine in Ohio. We had some yesterday and were gone
    too long for me to see if she came out for a lookie see at it then.
    Hope that neighbor's window never rattles again at sleep time!

  4. Kitties are solar powered, sounds like you were in the right spot!

  5. poppy...werk on sum sun shinez tan for uz two pleez N thanx N we hope mum catchez a brake N iz knot on call N ya both N joy de week end ! :) ☺☺☺♥♥

  6. Lucky you - sun puddles are going to be scant for us this weekend.

  7. That's right: it's almost summer there, isn't it?