Thursday, December 5, 2019


Mum finally got to bed earlyish last night, but it was hard to sleep as the weather was very windy and noisy outside.  Worse was some banging that sounded like a door blowing open and shut, so mum got her dressing gown and slippers on and went outside to check that the garden shed was closed.  It was, so she could not find a source of the noise and got to sleep finally an hour or so later.

When she got home from work this evening, she saw that the upstairs flat had a bedroom window open that was swinging open slamming against the house.  About 8pm she heard one of the upstairs flatmates moving about, so went up to knock on the door.  Mum asked politely if they could close the window.  The girl seemed surprised to hear that it was annoying.  Mum doesn't have anything to do with the people upstairs, they seem to come and go at different times and mum never runs into them.  They seldom use the back garden, so that is mostly our space.

Thank goodness the window is shut now, so hopefully us girls will finally get some sleep tonight.


  1. Glad Mum found the source of the noise Poppy!x
    Nothing worse than waking up and hearing summat
    outside making a noise..! :(.

    I expect you were very tired to, after all that
    driving around yesterday in your little car...! :).

  2. OMC, what is it with people, Poppy?! How on earth could the upstairs people sleep with a banging window? Better to be a cat...people can be idiots. :-/

    (Sorry, this biped is feeling "off" these days, and without patience for stupidity and lack of consideration for others.)

    Anyway, hopefully your mum will have been sleep now!

    Purrs from Derry to you both.

  3. You’d think the neighbours would have noticed it banging and closed it, just because… That banging represents a ruined sleep for people…

  4. Silly girl! Apart from the nuisance she was lucky the window didn't break.

  5. Just becuz the banging didn't bother them, that it wouldn't bother you! Hope your mum gets some good sleeps.