Monday, December 30, 2019


Mum was lucky and got taken out to dinner with friends tonight to a fancy restaurant.  Mum even dragged out her dress to wear.  It is linen and was a bit rumpled.  As she does not have an iron she used her hair straightener to make it presentable.  She didn't tell her friends that - they would be horrified.

Mum had delicious lamb shanks for her dinner and I think the best cream brulee she has ever had.  She will sleep well tonight. 

Me - well I had a feast for dinner.  it was delicious too.


  1. HaHa! This is really funny Poppy!x
    I can imagine Mum with the hair
    straighteners..HeHe! :).
    Mum ought to patent that idea, she
    could make a fortune..!

    mmmmM! Lamb shanks..nice..I had my
    Christmas dinner yesterday, family
    are off back home later to~day...
    So, had a busy four days..and with
    two Staffies running about the place,
    it's been a bit hectic..! Still, nice
    weekend all round...! :).

  2. Ha, your mum was clever! I never would have thought of a hair straightener; I have two! I also have a rarely used iron. :-)

    Oh, and creme brulee is one of my three absolute FAVOURITE desserts; yum!

    Wishing you both a very happy New Year; all the best for 2020.

  3. Poppy, dear, please tell your mum that using a hair straightener is a tip I shall remember (my iron is MIA). She earned that crème brulee!

  4. Dinner out with besties. That is great, no matter the wrinkles or not. Sounds lovely
    food for mum and for you Poppy. Glad mum had a good sleep, did you help keep her warm
    and snugly?

  5. What a nice treat for your mum. I have an iron that I never use; I could have loaned it to her.

  6. You have such a smart mum there Poppy. It sounds like she had a wonderful time and had some a delicious dinner. We are glad that you have a feast too. Thanks for the share. Have a wonderful rest of your week.
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  7. Your mum's dinner sounds delicious. I love lamb shanks, and creme brulée is my absolute favourite!

  8. Nice that your mum was treated to a nice dinner.

  9. MOL! My human doesn't have an iron either. She has some sort of steam thing to get the wrinkles out of my backdrops, but she thinks that using a hair iron for wrinkled clothing is a brilliant idea!