Sunday, December 22, 2019


Mum liked the brightness of these flowers she passed on her way to work today.  She worked tonight but finished at 10.30pm and was able to go the supermarket on her way home.  She was stocking up on lots of treats for herself and a certain little grey cat she knows.  Two more shifts and then mum gets a break with me.


  1. Ah! Just got back from the supermarket Poppy!x
    Suns out..quite warm to..what could be better
    than a lovely display of flowers..l can almost
    smell them from here..! :).
    Got most of the Christmas shopping, though my
    family will be here on Friday, so, l'll top up
    next Friday morning..!
    Quiet Christmas, like last year, l've been invite
    out on Christmas day, by four different families,
    but, prefer to stay home, if l go to one, the others
    might get upset..mind you..if l worked it right, l
    could perhaps manage a meal in all of them, at
    different times..HeHe! That would be fun..! :). get to put away, few cards
    to write, couple prezzies to wrap..busy! busy! :o).

  2. The flowers are beautiful, Poppy, are they some type of rose, wild or other? Gorgeous.

    Wishing you both a wonderful week and a very Merry Christmas!

  3. Oh my, Poppy, thank you for letting mum post the photo of the incredible
    pink flowers! Hope she gets some rest with you on the days off soon

  4. Such beauty. I have come to appreciate blooming flowers more and more as I age. I hope your mum has Christmas Day off, Poppy...

  5. We are happy that she gets a break with some little gray cat! Have a Merry Christmas