Sunday, December 8, 2019


Today mum and I were a bit tired.  Mum got home at midnight and we both had our dinner.  By the time she watched a couple of shows and read some of her book it was close to 1.30am before the lights went out and we were off to sleep.  At 3am there were huge peaks of thunder and rain that woke mum up off and on for the next couple of hours.

So I'll go back to sleep again mum while you go back to work.  See you for midnight dinner again tonight.


  1. Oh! That does'nt sound to good Poppy!x
    Poor Mum..! Still, you'll keep the bed
    warm l'm sure..! :).

    Nice bright sunny morning over here..
    Rain and winds forecast for the rest
    of the week though..and..l don't like
    rain..! :(.

  2. Have a good sleep, Poppy.

    We're sorry those storms disturbed Mum's sleep, Poppy. We hope she is not too tired today.

  3. We are having storms and thunder now, Poppy. We are under a severe weather warning with torrential rain and very high winds. I don't think we will be getting much sleep tonight either with the noise from outside. I hope your mum gets a better sleep tonight.

  4. I don't know how your mum does it with little sleep. I don't get much sleep, either, but I'm not very good at my job, anyway, so no one notices...