Saturday, December 14, 2019

Caturday Night At The Movies

Mum met a bestie for her lunch today and then went for a big walk around town to look at some shops, she didn't buy much as it will all be on sale in the next couple of weeks.  She bought a few little treats to put in her Christmas stockings and got the dreaded secret santa gift for a work colleague.  Every year it ends up being the most stress trying to find the $20 gift.  Mum stresses about what she buys, and always ends up getting given something with a cat on it.

Mum was glad to get home to see me, as her feet were sore from all of the walking.  She nodded off sitting out in the sun and then needed a nap.  She hopes it won't affect her sleeping tonight.  Last night she didn't fall asleep until 4am, and had to wake up at 7am.  It seems to be a theme this year, a year of little sleep.  We hope 2020 will be a better decade for sleeping.  So time to go and sit on the couch for a couple of hours.

We hope that you have a nice Caturday and do something fun.


  1. Sleeping! That's something l've had a problem
    with ALL my life..I'm a very light sleeper,
    even when my daughter turned over in her cot..
    l'd wake up..does'nt seem to have done me any
    harm, though they say it's not good for you!
    Don't think l'll start worrying just yet..! :).

    Love the video Poppy!x Love it!x

  2. Mum did this for Secret Santa at work. She would buy a really nice ornament for the purrson. Everyone needs nice ornaments!

  3. Tell Mum I am having the same sleep issues dear little Poppy. I hope next year we both get our sleeping sorted out - maybe we can get some pointers from you dear Poppy. xx

  4. The office Christmas party or gift exchange... How horrid a concoction that is. Just give us an extra paid day off and let us keep Christmas in our own way (ie. not at work).