Monday, December 9, 2019


The storm has blown over.  It wasn't bad for us, but lots of floods in the South Island.  Of course that news was dwarfed by the news of the White Island Volcano that happened this afternoon.  How awful for the people killed and injured in the disaster, and we especially feel for those on their holidays.  We hope that the police and rescue teams can return to the Island tomorrow.


  1. Just seen the update on the news..
    5 dead and 27 missing..Terrible thing
    volcano's...l should know, l was born
    under Mum always joked, that
    when l was born, Mt Etna erupted..! :).
    I think she was joking...!

    Lots of prayers for all over there...
    And for the poor people affected..God Bless!

  2. We just saw that on the news this morning, how frightening and terrible. We hope rescuers will be able to get in soon to locate the missing. Purrs and purrayers from us.

    Kim and Derry

  3. How awful about that volcano. My human and I are just awake right now and heard about it.

  4. I heard about the volcano this morning. It is very sad news.

  5. We were so sad to read about the volcano blowing up. I knows people died and got hurt, sending purrs.

  6. poppy....we R happee ewe N mum iz aye oh kay; we iz sorree sew much crazed nezz iz goin on ther .... mom nature iz ona rampage all cross de globe ~~~~


  7. I hadn't heard about the volcano; I tend not to listen to the news because it's always bad. It's terrible that so many have died. And floods on the South Island... Things never seem to improve.