Tuesday, December 17, 2019


We feel like we are continually moaning about our weather.  It is summer here, with the longest day approaching and the weather is a bit rubbish.  It has rained all day and night without a hint of blue skies.   Good for the garden but annoying for us.

Mum hopes it clears  for Christmas and her few days off.

Oh and she googled aphids on plants last night, and tried a bit of dishwashing liquid + water on the flowers to kill them.


  1. Weather is all over the place over here to Poppy!x
    We've got our shortest day this Sunday..22nd. Bit
    mucky this morning, damp and wet..though it is
    quite bad up north..! :(.

    Hope Mum has some luck with dishwashing liquid Poppy!x
    If not..just think..you'll have the cleanest and shiniest
    Aphids in New Zealand..! :).

  2. Our winter so far has been "rubbish" too, up and down: snow, freeze, thaw, ice, repeat. I'm old enough to remember winters in Canada as just being cold and snowy, with maybe a few days of thaw in Jan or Feb, but then back to cold. Now it's constantly up and down.

    I hope the dish soap solution works! I can remember Mom putting saucers of beer in our veggie gardens for the slugs...they'd be attracted to the beer, climb in and drown happy, I guess. :-D

  3. Weather in Ohio is all over the place too. 40 one day and 10 the next with snow.
    Wish you had better summer weather so I could be more jealous. The soap is a good
    safe bug remedy. Gotta keep those passion fruits safe!

  4. I’m sorry your weather is poor, Poppy. But it does strike me as funny, you writing about Christmas approaching and summer weather, in the same paragraph. The best we can do is talk about Christmas and HOPE for summer weather (but not right at Christmastime…)

  5. The soapy water spray has worked for me in the past, hope is does for your mum too.
    Michelle from the southern end of Tinakori Hill

  6. We are getting day after day of rain, but I suppose we must expect that here. I hope the dilute washing up liquid works as well for your mum as it does for me.

  7. It sounds like you guys have had a pretty lousy summer, as far as weather goes. Meanwhile, we are having a pretty typical winter. Cold, and some rain, then cold and sunny.