Saturday, December 21, 2019


My goodness it was nice to have a sunny slightly cool day today.  Mum nearly wore out the washing machine and used up all the pegs in her rush to get things out on the line.

Mum then joined a bestie for lunch out and a walk in the sunshine.  She also took a walk around town on the way home. 

Mum and I then relaxed for the evening.  Mum got a spray bottle when she was out so the aphids got a dose of dishwashing liquid tonight.  That was all the chores she could be bothered doing.  Tomorrow is another day.

We hope you all have a lively Caturday and did something fun.


  1. Ah! HeHe! Bless! Look at that lovely profile..! :).

    I've just back from town, busy! busy! Never spent much gossiping..! :). Still..all sorted

  2. At last some sun for you Poppy! Glad it is better weather. The shortest day of
    the year here today, then the winter cold will really set in. The soap is a good
    home remedy for aphids, good luck with it. At least it will mean "clean" fruit!

  3. Not too lively here today. Mum is all tired as she hasn't slept well in ages. She can't wait to sleep in her own bed with no boot on her footie.

  4. We're having the same sort of Saturday, though here it's the first day of winter. Winter in southern Alberta can be like that.

  5. We are glad you and Mum got some sunshine today, Poppy. It was sort of gray and cold here.