Friday, September 14, 2007

Hello my Friday Friends

My Friday Friends

My Friday friend is a special little treat for the end of the week. This week we bring you two brothers all the way from Devon, England. They're big, they're beefy and very handsome.

Why yes it is:

Eric And Flynn from If you click on the name of their blog it will swing you right over there. Let me tell you it is entertaining reading. You should also go and visit, cause they are having a 200th post competition. Maybe you will win a tractor?

Now if you have trouble telling them apart: This is Flynn. He is a very handsome orange tabby cat As you can see he enjoys having a laugh, walking on the farm, catching mousies and hanging out with his brother. I just love this photo!!

This Eric. Eric is a more husky orange tabbly mancat, he also has a sense of humour, enjoys sitting on tractors, eating the mouises his brother catches, taking a walk in the sun and hanging out. I think he is a daddys boy (nothing wrong with that). I love this photo too. It shows true mancat love.

Eric has had to go to the vet recently and on one of his visits they must have spreyed him with bad cat cologne, cause his brother Flynn wouldn't have anything to do with him. But his mum and dad asked for help and came up with a clever plan. Next time the vet visit was due, they snuck Eric out of the house while Flynn was snoozing. They also stole a towel he likes to sleep on and when they got home they rubbed it all over Eric. Eue de' Flynn cat cologne. Now they are friends!! Good one mum and dad.

Eric and Flynn, I am glad I has met you. You boys always make me and my secretary smile (that's my mum). We hope you has a nice weekend with your mum and dad.

Poppy Q

Ps I have made the secretary do a correction. By mistake I said that Eric catches the mousies. No, the boys told me Flynn catches the mousies and Eric is the eater. Drrrr how could I have got that wrong - sorry handsome boys!!!

Pss Good luck with the rugby - I saw the half time score. Ouch!!!


  1. awww, fanks for introducings us to such good lookings ginger kitties.
    We is also going to have a specials post abouts you, since your momma saids its ok to tell everyones what a great kitty you is! We has to wait a few more hours cause its still thursday over here...

    Ps. we is adding this to all our comments todays......
    Did you see our little brother's pic on Daily Kitten? We is SOOO proud!!! Its a tryumph for Meezers everywhere!

  2. Fank yoo Poppy Q. We are furry onnered that yoo feechered us today. We are glad to be yer furrends.
    Oh by the way, yoo sed I catch mousies furr Flynn. Well Flynn sed I haf to tell yoo that it is him that catches the mousies and I do the eating.That's why there's more of me to cuddle.

  3. Eric and Flynn are two of my favorites!!! And they come from Devon, which is where my breed the Devon Rex originated!

  4. Poppy Q, that was a good pick for Friday Friends, I love Eric and Flynn too. They have lots and lots of adventures on their farm.

  5. Oh PoppyQ,
    These are two of our very favorite friends, too.
    1) They are ORANGE GUYS!
    2) They are BRITISH!

    We could go on and on, but after 1 & 2, what more needs to be said about their FABulosity FACtor, really?

  6. We really like Eric and Flynn a lot! They are very very nice friends of ours too, one of our favorites for sure.

    Happy week-end Poppy!!

  7. We talked about you in ours bloggie todays...and we is tagging you for the meme of 7 things about you.


  8. Poppy, Eric and Flynn are very handsome mancats!!! We loved learning more about them. BTW, we tagged you for the fun facts meme. Come to our bloggie to find out more if you want to play along.
    Mr. Chen & Ollie

  9. Oops. We now see that Hunter, Napolean and Belle tagged you, too!

  10. They are great boys aren't they? We enjoy them very much too. I enjoyed reading your name meme very much. It is so fun to learn about our friends.
    You have such a sweet face, you could be a "Popstar" One like Mandy Moore, not that weird Brittney of course.
    Will you help me pick a photo for my very own stamp???

  11. PS just come to my bloggy to find out how. duh, if forgot to put that above

  12. It is a wonderful pic where they are both looking out of the window!

  13. I am very fond of Eric and Flynn. I love reading about their adventures on the farm.

  14. Oh we loves Eric and Flynn. Dat's so nice of yoo to highlight them. We haf somefin for yoo for being so nice. Come ofur to owr blog and get it.