Thursday, March 7, 2013


Herrow friends.  It has been a funny old week here at Chez Q.  Maybe it is the feeling of the change of seasons that is making things a bit mixed up.  Anyways tomorrow is Friday and then the weekend belongs to us!!

Mum has put a lamp chop in the oven to have with a baked potato, and a salad for dinner.  She felt like lemon meringue pie, but it all seemed a bit pricey so she went with a small strawberry cheesecake for dessert.  I am having the feast - I'm happy.  A touch of evening gardening will be done, a read of Rod, a little tele and then sleepy time again.

Mum is enjoying the Rod book.  She thinks he is a bit cheeky, and liked his second chapter about his hair, and the chapter about his making stuff for his model railroad, which he takes with him everywhere on tour, and potters around making at home.  She is up to the 1970s and the story is a bit wild, lots of long hair, cocaine and girls.


  1. Sounds like a nice day and our Mommy would like to read that book, too.

    Great pic! Have a super day, sweet Poppy. XOXO

  2. LOL sounds like tonight's read will be interesting.
    Love Leanne

  3. My human wants to read the Rod Stewart book - she likes the Faces, and wonders what he has to say about that period.

  4. Oh, just look at that sweet upside-down Pops!

    I'm reading the Outlander series. I'm reading it rather slowly... every time I pick it up, I get very, very sleepy.

    Rod Stewart is one of the few in the rock genre that I ever liked... and I love his far more subdued, classic and smooth style now.

    Have a lovey day, ladies!

  5. Miss Poppy Q- your precious upside down face made me smile !!
    You are very photogenic !!

  6. Look at funny feline. Hugs

  7. Your darling furry face! It must feel do delightful to rub you cheek or stroke your chin. You have some of the prettiest furs in felinedom!

  8. meowloz poppy Q and glad stuff iz well at chez Q....

    R mom says everee time her bee thinkin bout singers frum back then...her troo age ree minds her.... oh her troo age....

    we iz like....uh....

    yez...yur troo age iz like... ewe iz gettin old.... food service purrson !!!

  9. Oh what a pretty upside down kitty! Just waiting for a chin scritchie. Nothing like a good book to curl up with.
    Meow, Jessica the cat

  10. Mum may have to find that book.