Monday, March 4, 2013

She Don't Like Mondays

That's mum - she doesn't like Mondays.  Me - I'm flexible.  Just another day of snoozing for me.  Mum got a wee sleep in, as she was on a shift tonight.  She got to visit the post office and do a couple of jobs during the day which she appreciated.  She is going to appreciate heading to bed soon too.  Sweet dreams mum.


  1. My Mom hate Monday !
    and she always looks at me and say " Puddy, You are so lucky to be a cat ! " but I do like Monday because mom woke up early and my breakfast is sharp !
    Sweet Dream to your mom, I hope she have a smooth work tonight.
    and Hugs to you Miss Poppy

  2. I like Mondays as it's another opportunity to earn a dollar. But I'm luckier than most in that I love my job. And no long shifts. And kitties to be my office assistants. Not they they help all that much you understand. =)

    Have a lovely night nap!!

  3. Sweet dreams for both you and your mum. purrs

  4. we noe R mom hates mondayz two poppy q....we think itz grate coz we can get bak inta trubull; uh, we meed we can get bak ta doin what we due best while her iz werkin....shoppin online; rentin mewvies, eatin all de foodz in de houz....

    hope yur mum bee dreemin oh flounder friez N pizza piez !!!

  5. Our Mom does not hate Mondays any more. Once she got retired, she started liking Mondays!

  6. My human works most days, so she has no particular opinion of Mondays. Every day is Caturday to me!

  7. Our mom says Mondays suck. We don't get it, MOL.

    Enjoy your snoozes, Poppy & Mum.

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  8. We don't think any beans like Monday.