Saturday, March 2, 2013


Hey Caturday kitties, hope you have had a lovely day and have big plans for your Caturday.  Our Caturday at Chez Q is drawing to a close already.  Mum had a lovely sleep in and went with a bestie for a drive to a market, and did lots of browsing and not a lot of shopping.  I got to see her in the afternoon, when she popped home for a couple of hours.  Then she went back to a friends leaving dinner, as her and her partner are moving to Melbourne Australia to live, so it was nice for a catch up.

So now, she is home and scoffing ice cream on the couch while watching Antiques roadshow and thinking about making the bed and heading off to read her book.  Ahhh - the life of leisure of a single middle aged lady.

Enjoy your Caturday everybuddy - hope you do something fun.


  1. I have some produce to buy today, and then not much more than curling up with a book and e gray babies.

    I'm a single middle-aged lady, too.

    If I live to be 117, that is. bahahahahahaha!

    Have a lovely evening, ladies!

  2. Mom's just going to do some paperworks for her work today, and snuggle us, and eat microwaveable food- she gets a holiday from cooking with Dad being away! Maybe if she makes good progress she will go to the Mall for a little while.
    And Mom has to count herself as more than middle-aged!

  3. We's enjoying the sunshine here today Poppy!

    Sounds like mom had a good day, and you too. Have a great rest of the weekend.

    Sasha,Sami, & Saku

  4. Lucky you, having such a nice Caturday. My human made me dance for the computer cam and put the video on Facebook and YouTube. My reputation is ruined!

  5. That sounds like a pretty good Caturday! And you get some alone time with a sunbeam hopefully while she's busy!

  6. Yeah, that would be mum as well. Purrs.

  7. Well, life with an old lady, that's what mum says she feels like today, is doing a big load of wash then realizing she forgot to add the detergent. Beans!

  8. It is nice to have a relaxing weekend!