Monday, March 18, 2013

Rain Dance

Thanks to all the people that have done a rain dance for us in dry NZ.  It started with a bit of drizzle yesterday, and last night mum kept checking as there was a lot of rain overnight.  It has been enough to wet our garden anyways, which is good as there is a ban on putting any water outside.  My goodness though, our evenings are turning dark and wintry all of a sudden.  We don't feel prepared for winter time yet.

Mum said work started off well, with a busyish day.  Dinner was easy, some frozen fish fillets and hash browns banged in the oven with peas, fast and tasty.  Then a yoghurt in front of the television and then to bed with a book.  Mum is reading Jodi Picoults book The Storyteller.  Jodi tells a good story, and mum loves her books, which always tackle interesting topics.  Mum thought that she had lost her Kindle - but phew it was just in her other work bag, her backpack.

Have a good week everybuddy - we hope yours starts well.


  1. Miss Poppy, Autumn Rain start here too !
    we got lots of rain here since last week, and it's suddenly cold ! But I love it because now mom can put her dressing gown on and I can play bunny kick with her more often : )

    and please say thanks to your mom about the book, Now my mom put on her list : )

  2. I am glad you are getting some rain, Poppy - you need it over there!

  3. I have read several of her books and enjoyed them. I have a few I picked up at Sam's months ago that are still sitting in my bookcase. I have so many ahead of them yet!

    So glad you had some rain! And did NOT lose your Kindle!

    Have a lovely day!

  4. We haven't been getting rain here lately. It's summer. Momma said when it rains here it pours, like there's no tomorrow. Then it becomes flooded. Yuck!

  5. Spring is right around the corner for us and we're having lots of rain. But, we've been in a drought situation for a couple of years. Enjoy your evenings by the fire, Poppy. XOXOXO

  6. WE hope you get more rain! We missed out again!

  7. Look forward to what you think of Storyteller!

    We have had some good down pours here, more due today and then back to summer - and warmth on the grass to grow, the animals will be pleased with that!

    We have had an amazing summer aye!
    Love Leanne

  8. YAY for rain, lovely Poppy!!...Happy week ahead, precious friend...xoxo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  9. Our winter does not want to give up. Snow and cold here. Mum is glad your mum didn't lose the Kindle, cost too many green papers!

  10. Our weather by tomorrow night will be either rain or snow - we will try and send you our rain. However, if it snows, do you want it? 'cause we don't!!


  11. Snowing here. I am happy you have rain, Poppy. Mum enjoys Jodi Picoult novels too. Meow, Jessica the cat