Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Hump Day

It does feel like hump day.  Mum feels a bit humpy!!!  This week the computer has stopped reading the SD card from the camera, so we can't load new photos.  It happened last month, and mum fixed it - she just can't remember how.  Thanks middle aged brain.

Mum did manage to bake a potato and stuff it with stir fried chicken with chopped capsicum and bell pepper.  So she feels better after her tasty dinner.

She's reading Rod Stewarts biography, which is making her laugh and she is enjoying.  She's only up to his teenage years so far, so the exciting stuff is still to come.

Have a happy hump day everybuddy!!


  1. My mom used to have that problem too, but now she use the cable connect between her computer & her camera. And it's no problem since then.
    Have a lovely day Miss Poppy

  2. I hope you get the photo card problem fixed soon! I don't want to miss any new photos of you, Poppy!

  3. Well bugger. I'd try using the cable. Or maybe pick up a new card. You may have worn out the connectors.

    Since I got my iPhone 4S I never use my Canon camera anymore. In fact, I gave it to a friend. My iPhone takes great photos for my use... 8 megapixels VS. 5 megapixels on my old Canon P&S. As much as I'd love a Nikon DSLR, I'd never use it near enough or well enough to warrant the expense. I'd rather take my iPhone on another cruise with the money! haha!

    Have a lovely day, ladies!

  4. Your precious little face! So delightful, so captivating! Big hump day smooches to you.

  5. " It happened last month, and mum fixed it - she just can't remember how."

    A daily occurrence with the lady.

  6. poppy...pleez ta tell yur mum ta ree place de SD card in de camera with a wee bit oh herring....

    werks like a charm

    N her will rememburr then that chcikn iz just a stooooooooooooooopid burd, onlee like larger


  7. Hello Poppy! We have just found your blog.

    We are sorry that your mum is having problems with the SD card, we hope she can get this fixed so we can see more lovely pictures of you.

  8. Hi I was gonna say try and find the cable too. I bet you have some fun reading yet to come with Rod Stewart. GIGGLE
    Love leanne

  9. Mom has worn out the cable to her camera!

  10. Happy hump day to you too! And have fun with the R Stewart biography. My husband is reading Pete Townshend's autobiography (The Who?). So I know what you mean.

    I just can never get over how Poppy takes such a great picture.

    Debby in Arizona