Sunday, March 10, 2013


 Mum asks if you have been nice to yourselves this weekend?  Got a little treat?  Maybe  done something fun?  Mum has.  She finished reading Rod, Rod Stewarts biography, which she is going to give a 5/5 as she ended up liking the guy, and thinks that he is good to his family, his friends and even his ex wives.
 When she got home on Saturday afternoon, she still had a few chores to do, and she decided to tackle her bedside table which was looking cluttered and messy.
 She had  picked up a silver owl and a couple of small blue vases for under $20, and all the other bits and pieces she had already.  Of course she had to include the pile of books that are always at her bedside.
She says she was a bit spoilt with other treats too.  She got to join her friends for lunch at a Sushi bar on Saturday which was yummy.  At the fruit and veg market yesterday a mothers group were selling baking and mum bought two cupcakes which for a mere $2 each, were the nicest she has had.  A good free treat was to change the nail polish on her toes - hello light creamy orange soda colour.    Last night she baked some salmon for dinner, so tonight will cook up some cabbage, broccoli and baked potato to have with the left over piece of fish.  Apple and bread are out in the garden for the birds, and a nice strawberry cheesecake is out of the freezer for dessert.

Have you done anything nice for yourself this weekend?


  1. Our Mommy has had a piece of coconut cake tonight. She says it was very comforting. Sounds like your Mom has had a good weekend and her table looks good.

    Thank you for stopping by our blog and leaving kind words on Princess' passing. xoxo

  2. You had a nice weekend. Mom and Dad took the Granddaughter to a quilt show today and they all had fun!

  3. My human says she is glad Rod turned out to be an OK guy, 'cause she has had her doubts about him from time to time!

  4. I keep a stack of books at my bedside, too. And my Kindle app on my iPad! The trick nowadays seems to be staying awake, as reading seems to make me quite sleepy. Sometimes I don't mind but sometimes it's quite annoying! =)

    Have yourself a perfectly lovely day, ladies!

  5. Sounds a wonderful weekend! I need to read the Rod book sounds like it was fun to read.
    Love Leanne

  6. Wow, mum hasn't done all that nice stuff for herself this weekend. Maybe we should make her to a nice weekend for herself soon.

  7. Poppy Q
    you are so elegant.
    Your Mom's night stand looks much nicer now. I like that little picture.
    My own night table has way too many books. There were about 11 at last count.

  8. Good food makes every weekend even better!

  9. My mum is ashamed of her own bedside table - far too much junk. Which I like to swipe on to the floor from time to time. Too many errands this weekend, but we did manage to make some banana cake. meow, Jessica the cat.