Thursday, March 14, 2013


Here in New Zealand, we have been having a fabulous summer.  With lots of blue skies and warmth, many parts haven't had any rain since August.  Our city has had a bit, but last week some water restrictions were put on - from last Saturday we were not able to use sprinklers in our garden.  As of this Saturday, no watering in the garden at all is allowed - mum will have to put away the watering can.

The good thing is that rain is forecast, so mum knows the garden should be alright.  At the moment our city only has water supplies for twenty days, so hopefully the rain will sort that out.  Mum and her besties are planning a trip to the movies, as they feel guilty sitting inside when the sun is shining outside.

We know we are lucky though, as many other cities have to pay for their water supply, our water here is free and usually plentiful.


  1. We have had water rationing here in Los Angeles for years! Just so long as they do not ration catnip!

  2. We had a dreadful drought here 4 or 5 years ago and they STILL haven't lifted the watering ban, not that everybody adheres to it, mind you. They just pay the fine.

    It's cold again here today... and I am not pleased.

    Have a lovely day, lovely ladies!

  3. It's summer here now and it feels really hot. I like to stay near the fridge so when momma opens it, it feels cool. Water is no problem here. We have lots of it. =)

  4. poppy Q...we hope ewe get de much kneaded rain...we had a drought last yeer N it wuz vizshuz...even lakes were dryin up.....

    whoa....noe lakes...noe fish...noe fish...noe dinner

    heerz ta sum rain for all thoze who knead it

    """ "" """" "
    """ """" """"""""
    """" """ """"

  5. Oh wow, only 20 days of water?! Where we are we have access to the water of big old Lake Michigan so that usually isn't an issue having enough water.

    We hopes you gets some rain soonest.

  6. We`ll have lots of water soon, when the five feet of snow melts. ;-) Mom says we`ll try to send you some, MOL

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  7. We have been under water restrictions of one kind or another for three summers. WE get some rain in the winter and spring but then nothing. We are praying for rain for you and us!

  8. Mum...planning a trip to the movies,...feel guilty sitting inside when the sun is shining outside.

    We're curious about the above comment. Is your mom going to an outdoor movie? Hope she had a good time.