Friday, March 8, 2013


Mum didn't feel too great last night, she thinks the lamb chops she made did not agree with her, so she went to bed early with Rod (that's Rod Stewart the book thanks).  This morning she woke and thought it looked awfully bright for 6.30 am.  That is because it was 8:45 am and mum had been due to start work at 8am.  Oh oh.

Mum quickly rang in, washed her face, brushed her teeth and hair and ran off to work.  She didn't have time to make her planned fancy egg roll for lunch and had to grab a yoghurt and orange instead.  So it was eggs on toast for dinner tonight.

It is only the second time she has slept in at work in her twenty five years of working.  The first time she slept in, she woke up at 11am!!  In both instances her bosses were understanding, as mum works hard.  She had to stay later tonight to make up her hours.

So tonight, the washing machine is humming all ready and mum is going to get some chores out of the way, before heading to bed with Rod again.  Tonight we are reaching the 80's when the hair was the biggest, and Rod is now living in LA.  We are getting to meet the first Mrs Stewart, and mum is enjoying the book so far. Much as he had a lot of girfriends and groupies,  we sense that  he really likes the ladies and is a bit of a smoothie.


  1. I think you and your mum are right about Rod. Tall leggy blondes seem to be his style! Have a super weekend.
    Hen x

  2. Your human probably needed the extra sleep after the lamb chop not agreeing with her. I'm glad her job understood!

  3. I can't imagine oversleeping since I am always up hours and hours earlier than work begins. Of course, I also go to bed much earlier than most. =)

    Hope your day goes much smoother today, ladies!

  4. Obviously your mum needed the extra rest. Ours is usually up around 4AM, give or take, but still finds it hard to get out the door for the 6:15AM bus!

    Happy weekend to you both, Poppy.

  5. poppy Q...yur mum just bee tired coz her doez werk sew hard...and her doez knot eat enuff flounder N trout...her coulda had a blah stomach frum eatin burd a few bak...burd will due that ta ya...sneek up, bee rood N taste like caca when ya lest eggs pect it...

    hope ewe N yur mum haza awesum week oh end !

    hope her enjoys her date with rod ;) !!

  6. Too much Rod Stewart in your bed at night, Young Lady! You may have to put him in a separate bedroom!

    Miss Poppy's eyes are looking nice, I hope she stays well.

  7. Sukki is our Mommy's alarm clock=she wakes Mom up for work on the weekends too cause she's ready for breakfast at the same time everyday!...Our Mommy loves Rod Stewart music too...Happy weekend, sweet, beautiful friend=we love you Poppy!...xoxo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  8. Oh, if your mum slept late her body was telling her something. Even though mum doesn't have to get up to go day hunting, she wakes up pretty early most days.

    Mum says a lot of people would have just called in sick and stayed home the whole day. Rest up this weekend.

  9. At least they are understanding at her job!