Saturday, June 3, 2017

Arty Caturday

Today was the annual art show held in town.  Mum always meets her beasties and has a wander.  She had saved up her $5 notes all year so that she could treat herself with something if she found one she liked.  This one took her fancy today so she bought it.  It is little native NZ birds on a piece of paper printed to look like vintage wallpaper.  It is hard to take a photo of it but mum lIves it.

Mum and her friends wandered round town looking at shops.  They tried a little cafe for coffee that was not so nice and then went to a great place for dumplings for lunch which was yummy.

Mum then got home and fed me my feast and then had to put her feet up as they were sore.  After a little rest she then did the dishes, some washing and cooked herself some chicken nibbles for dinner.

Now she is watching some shows with her heater on in the lounge and I am snuggled up close to mine in our bedroom.

Hope you are all having a nice Caturday and doing something fun.


  1. oooO! Yes! Poppy!x I do like that picture...!
    Looks lovely! Quite unique! :).

    I've just got back from town, chap on the market
    selling goose and duck eggs, so l bought 2 goose
    eggs and 6 duck eggs! I'll have a goose egg later
    for tea, fried with a sprinkling of cheddar cheese!

    Then l'll settle down later, watch the Champions
    league final, no visitors l hope! :).

  2. What a delightful piece of artwork mum chose. What a fun day it sounded like. No wonder her feet got tired. I bet you had a fun day too poppy but somehow I doubt your feet would get too sore sitting cosy by that nice new heater. Chicken nibbles sounds tasty and I am sure the feast is yummy too.Have a fun night you too. I will be watching the new series of Mr Selfridge at 10. 30 on one.Never been that keen but I think I will be ready to put my book down but then xxx

  3. Our mum loves your mum's new picture too! As well as being beautiful there is something very "feel good " about it. Something very positive for those grey or grumpy days. Enjoy the rest of your weekend ladies.

  4. That is a nice picture, cool to have native birds.