Friday, June 2, 2017

Helper Cat

Sorry to keep going on about the cold.  We know that 8 degrees is not so cold for many of our readers, but for us it is a bit chilly.  Our house like a lot of kiwi houses, is 100 years old.  It is wooden with very little insulation, no central heating or double glazing.  For 7 months of the year it is fine, but we were getting cold.

So after work mum went and got herself some dinner and then went and bought a new heater.  The flat has two small panel heaters, but they seem to only heat the room a small bit.  So now mum can heat the living room and bedroom nicely.

I was helper cat - sniffing out the boxes for enemy attackers.I didn't find any, so time for a little snooze.

Have a nice Friday everybuddy.


  1. HaHa! I think we were all wondering where
    you were Poppy!x Underneath there somewhere! :).

    I'm quite lucky really..l don't feel the cold
    that much, l put the central heating on if l
    have visitors..dinner party etc..otherwise, l
    don't bother, l've been in my home since it was
    new, so that's 40yrs ago, since then it's been
    insulated, double glazed..etc etc..!
    Mind you most of my neighbours have their's on
    'full' l can't stand it!

  2. Poppy, dear, I grew up in an old farmhouse that had heating downstairs only. Now, like Willie and your mum, I find central heating stifling unless we're in depths of winter. Do like the looks of your new electric heater, very clean and quiet. (And a nice box for you.)

  3. Hi poppy, is that what you were doing! Cold is horrible. We bought a new heater this year too. You will be able to curl up in front of yours. Better than a panel heater eh? Curl up and have sweet dreams xxx

  4. Hurrah for the heater! Our biped grew up in an old farmhouse that didn't have insulation, though we did have an oil furnace installed when her parents bought the house. Up until then, it was wood heat. So 8C IS chilly when you don't have proper insulation, windows or heating for the temperature!

  5. Eight degrees isn't bad for a walk in the fresh air, or even to have to work in, but when you want to relax at home, eight degrees, for a few months of the year straight, is a bit wearying. So I can understand the need for a heater or two.

  6. Eight degrees is cold enough for us - but we live in southern California where it rarely gets below that in winter. You need those heaters!

  7. man insulation is soo needed. I thought the government was doing a heat homes initiative and that included rental homes. Keep warm

      probably not... what a shame. Insulation would make such a difference

  8. Gee, I wish I could share my hots with you. 30C around here!