Friday, June 23, 2017


Today was a chilled one .  Mum slept in, but I woke her at six to remind her I like biscuits , at 7 to tell her it was raining outside and at 8 to let her know she was just being plain lazy taking up space in my bed.  So she got up and I went back to sleep until 4pm.


  1. HaHa! All that work Poppy!x Keeping
    Mum informed on what's going on, no
    wonder you feel sleepy most of the
    time! At least you managed to settle
    down until 4pm. Bless! :).

  2. Take it easy on your mum dear Poppy. There is a point in a call workers life when the door to the bedroom just has to be closed. It's a terrible thing to happen to us kitties.

  3. I think you could be a little more just in your arrangement, Poppy...

  4. Gee, can't you share the bed Poppy? Your mum needs her rest.

  5. Careful poppy or you might get called "Puss in Boots " because I think you are getting a little bit too big for yours.

  6. Did she turn to be a cat ? MOL
    Miss Poppy, I'm sure you joined her =^x^=

    Have a great weekend