Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Lucky Ladies

How are you my furriends?  Mum had a little long day today.  She stayed under the covers til the last minute at 7.04am before getting ready for work.  Work, work, work all day.  Finished late then into town.  Library visit, supermarket shop, bus home then wash the towels and dish out my feast.  Mum made some Thai green curry chickend for dinner with rice.  A kiwi/banana/pineapple smoothie for supper and some temptations for me.  We are lucky ladies.


  1. You certainly are Poppy!x
    It's to hot over here to do anything...
    Even eat...though l've just had the last
    of the venison from Sunday, cold with a
    packet of crisps, that'll do me until
    Phew! Up in the 30's over here
    in the last three days, last time that
    happened was 20yrs ago...so it's a bit
    warm! :). Wish l could sleep in the fridge,
    but it's full of food...! :0).

  2. Lucky poppy but I think mum worked very hard. She needs lots of praise making such lovely food for you both.

  3. Poppy, dear, were those your towels that Mum washed? My felines have their own colorful collection of furniture covers -- and a weekly load of laundry ensues.

  4. Your mum had a busy day, Poppy, but she sure is lucky she has you to come home to. You're lucky she has opposable thumbs and can open the Feast. LOL.

  5. We haven't visited in a while because Mom Paula was so busy with work and family issues. She's retired now so we hope to visit more often,.

  6. I'll bet your mum will be glad of the weekend when it comes, with days like that.

  7. Poppy, your mum is like mine. Never got out of bed any earlier than she had too!