Saturday, June 17, 2017


Mum still felt  a bit out of sorts today.  I helped her by letting her have a sleep in and giving her a few snuggles.  She read her book for a while and then went for a walk as it was such a nice sunny wintery day.

Mum then went and met a bestie for some lunch, a big bowl of spicy chicken noodles and a wander round some shops.  She was glad to be able to head home early.  She passed this little pink house on the way.  Cute - but mum doesn't think she would paint a house that color.

So mum did the dishes, washed her uniform and hovered the floors .  I had my feast and was in bed by 6pm.  A clear sunny day means a frosty cold night, so mum thinks she may head to bed early too.

We hope you are having a nice Caturday and have something nice planned.


  1. What a shame mum feeling a bit out of sorts. She was brave to go out. That is a very cute house but the colour a bit sickly. Hope they don't read this. They are probably very proud of it.You are being a very good girl Poppy. Early night with a good book sounds just the ticket. Sleep well you two. Xxx

  2. Poppy, dear, your mum may be catching the "changing seasons" flu. It first afflicts middle-aged working ladies in their feet, then their knees...and goes to show that the changing seasons on the planet are sometimes reflected in the changing seasons of our lives. Naps and cats help!

  3. Goodness me! Poppy!x
    I'm chasing about all down
    for the weekend. Just got back from town!
    When l finish this comment, l'm gonna light
    up the Barby...and..phew! it is very hot to! :).

    Hope Mum is o.k. soon...keep your eye on her
    poppy!x Lot's of cuddles! Bless! :).

  4. Is your mum working too much, Poppy. Vacation days work miracles.
    Our mum loves the little pink house. She'd paint fence white, put in some plantings and be happy as a clam.
    Enjoy your Caturday.

  5. My human thinks that little house is adorable! Even the color... in the photo, it looks almost yellow, which isn't too bad.

  6. We hope your poor mum feels better soon. Not sure either about pink as a colour for a house but the house is sweet. Needs a kitty looking out a window.

  7. Nothing really your mum can say is wrong, just feeling a bit 'all-overish'? Not the best way to feel on a Saturday, but at least she was able to do what she wanted.

  8. Oh, and I love the little house. It looks like there are just two rooms on each floor. That'd do for me. And it's in fine condition, so it appears.