Monday, June 26, 2017

Helper Cat

Today went fast - so much to do.  Mum washed towels  and sheets, and although the sun was shining there was too much winter chill outside to get them properly dry.  Windows and doors were opened and the house was aired.

Mum took herself off to town to have a little lunch and a pop into the library.  She visited a couple of shops to browse but was happy to just stroll in the winter sun.  Off to the supermarket for a couple of items to plan the weeks menu.

Tonight I had a feast for my dinner.  Mum chopped a couple of small spuds to roast and added some pork slices with stuffing  that she had bought.  She had felt like some cabbage, but at $3.70 for a small half, she chose cheaper carrots instead.  So a tasty and warming winter dinner with dinner all made for tomorrow night.

So the curtains are drawn and mum is ready to make the bed which is always fun.


  1. I think that must be your favourite place Poppy!x
    On the bed...It's a good job it's big enough for
    Mum to share it with you...! :).

    I'm having corn on the cob for lunch to~day, l
    bought a couple of fresh ones yesterday at the
    Supermarket, they were reduced to a pound (£)
    for two...half looking forward to them
    with lot's of butter, dripping down my T~shirt..! :).

  2. That's quite a price for half a cabbage. Are costs high as a rule in New Zealand?

  3. What a fun but busy day. Re last nights budgie. I used to open the cage at 4pm each day while I prepared dinner. She would fly down to the sink and have a bath under a running tap and have a lovely time flying around and sitting on my shoulder watching. When she was hungry back to her cage she went. She lived for 8 years. She was called Julie after my sister in law. I could never teach her to talk. Sleep tight you two.xx

  4. Wow, your human had a lot to do, Poppy! It's a good thing you were helping.

  5. Goodness, prices are out of this world! It must be rather hard to stay on budget and still make such delicious sounding dinner like your mum does.
    Keep warm, ladies.

  6. It was rather cool here too today. Mum also did the laundry and food shopping too.

  7. That was a busy day, for sure, Poppy. Mum is lucky you were there to help her!

  8. Washing didn't get dry up here today either. Price of fresh veges is crazy at moment. We are really noticing it with not having a garden. Keep warm girls.