Thursday, June 1, 2017

Hello Winter

Hello winter.   This evening was a touch chilly.  Mum thinks she may need to buy another heater to survive the next few months.   She was on call last night and had another busy one.  The good part was that she got to have the day off with me.

Tonight she went out with four school friends, one of whom she has not seen for thirty years.  After a wine and over food there was lots of talking and laughter.  They had some tasty tapas for their dinner so mums tummy is full.

So my tummy is full of feast too and I got to sleep all night on mums bed.


  1. First day of summer over here Poppy!x
    But, it's the first day, as far as the
    weather people are concerned..l get a
    bit confused with it all. :).

    There's a couple who come to our market
    here on Thursdays, and, there from New
    Zealand, they mentioned that you celebrate
    the Queens birthday on the 4th June over
    there! Strange! How many times has the Queen
    been born! :).

    mmmmM! Tapas! Love Tapas...though to~day l'm
    having a cold meat platter, outside on the patio,
    so, l've put the BIG brolly up, to give a bit of
    shade...Phew! :0).

  2. Lucky mum having such a fun time with past school friends,and you all tucked up on the bed poppy minding mums book. Have a lovely evening both of you and keep cosy. xxx

  3. Is your house chilly because it's so cold outside or because it lets a in a lot of cold air around windows and doors. Some weatherstripping around them will really help cut down drafts. Inexpensive too.

  4. What a lovely get-together and catch-up, especially with the one school friend not seen in three decades!

    Cosy up and stay warm. Our spring has been so cool we've had only a few days over 20C, most of the time we're in the mid teens Celsius. Crazy. Last year we were suffering the worst drought in decades, if not 100+ years, and this year we're still wearing sweaters on June 1st. LOL.

  5. This is your first summer in this home, isn't it, Poppy? So you and your human are still learning how it is during different seasons.

  6. Mum went off to visit an old school chum the other day too. Lots of talking!

  7. My secret to comfy nights in the dark months, Poppy, is a heated mattress pad. It has five settings and I've never had it past number two. A blanket and comforter on top, the mattress pad below and I'm toasty.