Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Cat Wars

At early 6 o'clockish mum heard me and another pussy cat have a karaoke session outside. She heard the upstairs people wake up and move round, and then she heard the neighbors wake up too.  Ohhh ohhh!!!

I ran inside 5 minutes and collapsed onto the bed.  I was all tuckered out.  Being on patrol and on guard is exhausting.


  1. Nothing like a good pussy~cat karaoke Poppy!x
    I hear them outside my window first thing to!
    But then, Bertie..the Springer Spaniel next
    door starts barking and puts an end to it all...!
    But, it's nice while it lasts! :).

  2. You look all tuckered out there poppy. Are you gathering up for another session tonight? That must make mum really proud of you and give the neighbourhood something to look forward to.
    Millie can only whisper meow because of how she was treated before she was rescued so she is very impressed. Could mum take a little video with sound to put on her blog so we could all enjoy it?

  3. Poppy, dear, once upon a dawn time when my brother was staying with me, I awakened to hear him singing parts of Die Fleidermaus -- along with a cat chorus outside.

  4. Oh dear! You're obviously good at kitty patrol, Poppy, but we kind of suspect the humans didn't appreciate your hard work, or the other cat's, either!

  5. We are sure your neighbors thoroughly enjoyed that karaoke session!

  6. If the neighbors ask, it wasn't you Poppy. We know you were sleeping soundly. Prolly was that other smoky grey cat. Isn't that right?

  7. I hope it wasn't that nice, nosey cat who has been hanging about. If confronted, just deny everything, Poppy.