Sunday, June 25, 2017


Mum and Miss Belle sat up last night and watched a movie eating pizza.  They had a good old sleep in and then they went and had some brunch.  It was a balmy 27 degress outside so it was sunglasses on and the sat on outside to eat.  Mum took her niece to a couple of shops and then had to kiss her goodbye, as it was time for her flight home.

Mum then went to a couple of shops and as the afternoon progressed, the weather started to turn nasty and the temperature dropped.   One shop mum went into had this fabulous poster of a bird in it.  Mum and the family had budgies when she was a girl.  They were very sweet little birds, but seldom lived long.  Mum wonders if it was too cold where we lived.

Mum says this would be the only bird I would be allowed to have!!  So now she is on the couch watching Forrest Gump- how can it be 23 years since it came out?  How is your weekend ending?


  1. Great find on the poster. I can remember my childhood best friend and her family having a budgie -- one, then two. I generally love all critters, but omc, those two birds never shut up. LOL. Her dad must have brought the birds home from trips (he actually worked away), because it's not like anyone had access to a pet shop or to budgie food/supplies in the area.

  2. When l first saw the budgie, poppy!x I thought
    it was a take~away feast for you...! :).
    When my Granny died, l was 10yrs old, she left
    me her budgie, when my Dad brought it home, l
    opened the cage door and let it go, as it's
    cruel to keep birds in cages, l think so anyway!
    It did'nt last very long as the other birds would
    kill it...And, that's what happened!

    Oh! I've never heard of a film..eating
    one on me...!!! :0).

  3. My human also had budgies growing up - and cats. I'm not sure how her family got that to work, MOL!

  4. Mum says she used to have budgies, and yeah, they didn't last long. Mum went to see the musical Beautiful this weekend. She said it was furry nice.

  5. Twenty-seven degrees? I thought you were having winter down there?

  6. Intriguing poster The little budgie looks like he's about to smile but another look shows him to be very determined indeed. I think the poster is a great find too.