Friday, June 16, 2017

Soft Spot

I have a little soft spot just behind my ears that mum likes to pat or give me a kiss.

Her shifts are over now for a while, so she got to have the day off to chill out.  She slept in, but rather than feeling refreshed when she woke up she felt a bit out of sorts   after doing a few chores she got herself organised and went into town for a wander.  The evenings are much cooler now though and she was glad to return early.  The curtains were drawn and the heaters are turned on.

So we are ready for the weekend  - how about you?


  1. HeHe! Hello! What's this ere' :).
    I'd love to give your ear a great BIG kiss Poppy!x

    I've got my daughter and hubby coming for a long
    weekend later, l'll be busy..busy..!
    The weather's nice and hot for the weekend to, so
    we'll be able to go out and about, and spend money!
    My money...! :0).

  2. Poppy, dear, it's that feeling felines have when they get the "zoomies": unused energy and a sense that something should be done -- but what?

  3. You have your heaters on and here in Chicago we have our air conditioner on. Enjoy your mum's day off!

  4. Sweetest poppy how lucky you are to have mum tickle and kiss your soft spot. My Millie likes that too but only on her own terms. She can bite. But then I think if she did that to me I might not be too thrilled.

  5. I'm ready for the weekend, but my human isn't! We have a cat show on Saturday and she is rushing around to get us to the airport.